School holiday activities...

The way children and young people access Sparkle school holiday activities is changing. Children and young people wishing to access any of the school holiday activities are required to book and pay in advance to secure their place.

Please contact the Sparkle Activities Team on 01633 748093 or email to reserve your place.

When making the booking you will be asked if you have completed a “Sparkle Personal Profile” meeting. These will have been undertaken if your child/young person is attending Afterschool Club, Independent Living Skills Club, Play Club or Youth Club. If you are unsure then please contact one of the Sparkle Activities team on the contact details above when you make your booking.

If you have not previously completed a form then we will arrange for you to attend a meeting to complete this. The purpose of the meeting is to gather appropriate information about your child/young person to ensure we can fully meet their needs when participating in an activity.