We have a fantastic 3D MediCinema here at the Serennu Children’s Centre which shows films every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning.  The viewings are free to children, young people and their families who meet the criteria. Our cinema improves the difficult reality of being in hospital and places of care for patients and their families by bringing them genuine movie-going experiences. We do this by installing and managing permanent, state-of-the-art-cinemas that screen the latest releases Hollywood has to offer.

The cinema has 51 seats and has been specifically designed and built within the centre to comfortably accommodate children and young people who have a disability and/or developmental difficulty as well as their families and friends. We are confident you will enjoy a real and exciting cinema going experience.

For More information on Cinema Listings or eligibility criteria, please contact: or telephone 01633 748128

“People say laughter is the best medicine; I think MediCinema is the best medicine”
Katie, Paediatric nurse, Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary


To find out what's on this month at the MediCinema, please contact or telephone 01633 748128