Now, more than ever, Sparkle needs your support to keep our services going, and ensure we have the funds to get our clubs up and running as soon as it is safe to do so. Please donate anything you can to help at

During this challenging time, our top priority here at Sparkle is the well-being of our families and staff. With that in mind, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all clubs, activities and parent workshops.

Furthermore, in line with Public Health guidance, we have closed our playground, swing, multi-use games area, Wendy house and gazebo. Those who live in the same household can exercise in the grounds, as long as they maintain the safe distance of 6ft or 2 metres. Rest assured, as soon as it is safe to do so, we will re-open these areas.

We are still able to offer support to parents and carers, through our fantastic Family Liaison Officers, who can be reached on 01633 748 013 or email

If you have any queries about our services, please contact the office team on 01633 748 093.


Welcome to Sparkle...


Hi! We’re Sparkle, the official charity of the Serennu Children's Centre in Newport, and Nevill Hall Children’s Centre in Abergavenny. The guiding principle for the Sparkle Appeal is to ensure that children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties and their families are fully supported and able to participate in valued childhood experiences, with access to the same range of opportunities, life experiences, activities and community services as any other child and their family. 

Life isn’t easy for some of our children, young people or their families, The Sparkle Team want to ensure the best possible facilities and support are in place this is why the Sparkle Appeal raises money throughout the year to fund the unique services, trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment .

You can find out more information about the charity and what we do here

Click here to read our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy. If you have any questions regarding this policy please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Sparkle Team. Your child's safety and wellbeing is so important to us and we want you to feel confident leaving your child in our care.


The Sparkle team are always happy to receive feedback from families.
We believe it is important that families and/or staff understand that feedback, whether negative or positive, is a way we can develop Sparkle services/provisions, by improving our highlighted weak areas, and continuing to deliver out identified strengths. 
Click here to read our concerns leaflet , it offers guidance around how to register your feedback.

Be a star and help a child sparkle!

Sparkle are delighted to announce that they are now supporting the Nevill Hall Children’s Centre, following on from the work of the Umbrella Appeal. We already have a presence in the North of the County, with our excellent Family Liaison Officer, and the activities we support there including swimming lessons, parent and staff workshops, and family fun days. We are currently engaged in a detailed consultation exercise with families and professionals across North Gwent to understand what the priorities are regarding enhanced services, following which we anticipate expanding our service provision. In the meantime, in response to requests from families, we will be commencing a new swimming program, to complement the one currently provided at Crownbridge. 

If you would like to join us as we expand into the area, by volunteering, or donating, please contact the Sparkle Office on 01633 748092.

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Sparkle Appeal Sports

Sports Activities

We can help children and young people to access relevant clubs and activities within their local area.

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Sparkle Appeal After School

After School Clubs

After School Clubs are for children & young people to help them develop skills in a safe yet fun environment.

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Family Events

We hold four family events every year including fetes, discos and parties.

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Whats On

Check out all the latest events, clubs, sports and activities.

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We have a fantastic 3D MediCinema here at the Serennu Children’s Centre which shows films every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning.

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Sparkle Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities

We aim to provide children & young people with a disability and/or developmental difficulty with a variety of activities during most school holidays.

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Thank you for your support

Here at Sparkle we have been lucky enough to secure the generous support of many grant-giving bodies, corporate sponsors and other generous donations from community groups and individuals. We are very grateful to be supported by our wonderful trustees, ambassadors  and volunteers who give so freely and generously their time both helping to promote our cause and taking part in fundraising activities.