A Special Thank You to a Special Young Man!

Noah Herniman is a very kind young man who has been a supporter of the Sparkle Appeal for many years. Noah has a diagnosis of neurofibromatosis type two, which is a genetic disorder that causes tumours to grow along the nerves and this means that Noah has weak bones and joint hypermobility. However, this certainly doesn't stop Noah helping others. Noah is now aged 13 and has a project which he calls ‘make a child/someone smile’. During April this year he approached family, friends and local businesses to request they donate Easter eggs for charity. He collected 560 Easter eggs that he shared between the organisations Llamau, Woman’s Aid and Sparkle. Noah is passionate about making people happy and he always says, “everyone deserves to smile”. Well done Noah on the number of eggs you collected, the children and young people at Serennu were really pleased to receive them.