Dry January - Bin it for Sparkle

Over 4 million people a year take on the “dry January” challenge giving up the booze for one whole month, some choose to raise money for their favourite charity *hint hint*

But what if you don’t drink? Is there something else you have indulged on over the Christmas period? Has that cheese board been calling you, the selection box of chocolates always open? If so then we have a challenge for you…

How about starting 2019 hangover free or dropping a few pounds from giving up those naughty snacks and donating that spare cash to the Sparkle Appeal. Instead of buying that Friday bottle of wine donate the money through our Just Giving page; that extra-large chocolate bar or cracker loaded with cheese? Why not pop the money in a collection tin.

Friends and family can help you through this tricky month by supporting, donating and sponsoring; you can create your own Just Giving page or contact us for a sponsor form.

Choosing to give up your favourite tipple or treat and raising money for Sparkle will go towards ensuring that we continue to provide the same high standards of care, support and facilities to our children, young people and their families. Just donating the money from 5 large chocolate bars could pay for one of our young people to attend a specialist youth club, 4 bottles of Friday night wine can pay for a child or young person to have 4 specially adapted swimming lessons; YOU making one small change for one month of the year will make a huge difference to someone accessing the services at the Serennu Childrens Centre.

So, what are you waiting for…?