Fun at Summer Fete

On Saturday August 27th, Sparkle hosted their 6th annual Summer Fete. Over 100 families joined us at Serennu to enjoy a few hours of fun, entertainment and lovely food. We were lucky to have the local community Police Officers who joined in answering lots of questions and allowing the youngsters to try on police uniforms. Also, Ollie the police dog paid a visit to demonstrate his skills and obedience. Our cake stall was again a major success with everybody enjoying the scrumptious homemade cakes on offer.

Megan’s mum said “this was another fantastic day, all my family have enjoyed it”.

James mum said “the burgers were delicious, I might have a second”.

We were also lucky to be joined on the day, by our ambassador Polly James from Capital Radio and some lovely people from Waitrose store, Caldicot, who presented Polly with a massive cheque for £11700 towards the Sparkle Appeal. We would like to say thank you to everybody at Waitrose for their support.

Sparkle would also like to say thank you to everybody who helped make the fete a success, including all our volunteers, people who donated items and all our families who attended.