New Swings at Serennu

We have recently had a new addition to the playground area at Serennu. Thanks to a fabulous donation from Barclays Partner Finance, Cardiff, we have now completed the groundwork required to safely secure additional swings for young people to enjoy.

Barclays donated the amazing sum of £80,334 which has paid for all the additional ground preparation and work that was required plus the actual swing unit that you can see in the photo.

The idea for this new swings came from a suggestion made at Sparkle’s Youth Forum which is called ‘Fun and Furious’. Every month a group of young people aged 12-17 who attend Serennu, meet to chat about different topics and give thoughts and comments about things that are working well or not so good at the Centre. These comments are then shared with the Board at the Serennu Executive meeting where various decisions are made.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Forum or would like further information, please contact Sara Filer on or 01633 748093.

Sara would be happy to answer all enquiries. Take a look at the playground on your next visit to Serennu and we hope you all enjoy using the new swings.