Paralympian joins forces with Sparkle Appeal

The team at the Sparkle Appeal are over the moon to announce that Jordan Howe, Cardiff born Paralympian has agreed to take on the role of an ambassador for the charity.

Jordan started his career as a swimmer and then discovered a talent for running, going from strength to strength and achieving a silver medal at the world championships in London 2017 with a personal sprinting best of 12.52 seconds, this incredible achievement is just one of many.

Jordan opened up to the Sparkle Team about his experiences growing up with cerebral palsy, what he remembers about traveling from centre to centre for appointments, the small amount of activities that were available due to having an additional need and how it felt when he found his sport…

“It was hard traveling for appointments, we didn’t have a car; luckily there was a good physio 10 minutes from home so that really helped. There weren’t many activities on offer when I was growing up for someone who had a disability, my Mum would take me swimming with the Dragons Disability Swimming in Caerphilly; following this my Mum decided to open up her own swimming business to support more people with disabilities. I first found out I had a talent for running when I was on holiday in Portugal. I was playing football on the beach and was approached by someone who said they could see a talent for sprinting, it all went from there”

The team at the Sparkle and all the children and young people that access the clubs on offer by Sparkle will be supporting Jordan every step of the way, through all the competitions and challenges he faces throughout the year. It is so exciting having Jordan on board, not only will he be a fantastic cheer leader for the charity, spreading the word of the unique services we provide and drumming up further support but also he is going to be the most incredible role model to our children and young people. Jordan is a perfect example of following your dreams. A disability and/or developmental difficulty does not define who you are, your determination and courage does.

Jordan expressed his reasons for wanting to become an ambassador, stating that he hopes to bring “a bit of joy” and “inspire children and young people to follow their dreams”, as well as spreading the word and engaging with companies resulting in income for Sparkle.