Red Ridge residential trip 2018

Each year Sparkle has supported young people to attend an overnight residential stay.  The popularity of this trip has grown each time, with the location and requirements of the residential provision also having changed each year depending upon the needs of the young people attending. 

Out of the 22 young people who attended the residential stay, 8 young people had not previously attended a Sparkle residential trip.  Throughout the residential it was recognised within the staff team that there were significant personal outcomes achieved for each of the young people attending, especially those that had not attended a residential experience with Sparkle previously.

The residential at Red Ridge was a success for both the young people that were joining us for the first time and the young people that had been away with us before. The young people seemed to thoroughly enjoy the activities, the positive interactions with staff and their peers, and the experience of being away overnight.

The personal achievements and outcomes for each and every young person who attended the overnight residential were exceeded, ranging from being away from home for the first time, having the opportunity to share a room overnight with a friend, facing their anxieties and fears including being away from home and family, to being able to participate in activities they would not have had the opportunity and courage to do so before.