Sparkle gets 5 Star Rating!

The Sparkle Snack Bar, recently had a surprise inspection visit from the food hygiene officer, at Newport City Council. The officer was checking various areas of the business including hygiene preparation, storage of food, management of all records relating to the Snack Bar and the cleanliness of the area. We are delighted to report that a 5 star rating was achieved, which is the top rating available.

We would like to thank Clare and her team of volunteers in the Snack Bar, for all their support and hard work maintaining this successful rating. We currently have volunteering opportunities in the Snack Bar, so if you are welcoming and approachable and would like to work with a team of staff who put children and families at the heart of everything they do, please contact Carla Hopkins on 01633 748092 or Carla would be happy to offer further details.