Swimming Celebration Evening

On Friday 4th November 2016, Sparkle swim team held a  swimming celebration evening at Serennu. The event recognised and celebrated the achievements of our children and young people during their swimming lessons over the past few months. All the children & young people that attended the event were presented with their swimming badges and certificates. The evening started with a speech from Hayley, Sparkle Swimming Development Officer, talking about the structure of swimming lessons and thanking the volunteers who are fabulous in enhancing and supporting the service provided. We then proceeded to the presentation section where all the children & young people individually came up to the front of the room, to receive their badge/certificate and parent/carers had the opportunity to take photographs.  After the presentation, families were invited to join together to share refreshments and chat with other families, staff and volunteers.

During the refreshment break, parents were asked if they would provide feedback on our swim lessons and the actual celebration evening. The comments were extremely positive.

thank you so much for this evening! It was lovely to see them go up for their awards and for everyone to see how the children have progressed. Thank you to all the teachers and volunteers for your patience and enthusiasm. You’re all so good”.   

  “ The Serennu Centre is such a lifeline for parents and children. The    facilities are  superb! The swimming lessons are fantastic and such a variety of clubs and activities”. 

The aim of our Sparkle Swimming lessons is to enable children and young people to develop a skill for life by nurturing their confidence, technique and skill in water.  We have    volunteers available to support the children and young people to achieve their outcomes. We operate two different programmes, ‘Sparkle Swim Skills’ and ‘ASA Swim Pathway’

For further information about our swimming lessons please email: abb_sparkleactivities@wales.nhs.uk or telephone  01633 748 093.