The Youth Forum Special Excursion

Our Youth Forum ‘ Fun And Furious’ recently paid a visit to the Senedd Building in Cardiff Bay. The Forum was invited to tour the Assembly Building by Jayne Bryant, our local Welsh Assembly Minister, and Jayne was on hand on the day to personally answer questions presented by the group. We had a brilliant tour guide named Huw who explained the history and the background of the Senedd, and also allowed us to go into Chambers where the Ministers sit to have discussions and make important decisions. There were many opportunities to take photographs and Joab, who is a member of our Youth Forum said “ this has been fantastic, I have had a really great day”.

If you are aged between 12-17 and would like to know more about joining Serennu Youth Forum, please contact Lisa Thomas or Jayne Jones on 01633 748013. We would be happy to hear from yo