Two Loyal Supporters and Friends

After 8 years of dedicated service to Sparkle and Serennu Children’s Centre, Gill and Graham Courtney have decided to retire from their meet and greet volunteering role.

For three full days each week, Gill and Graham could be found assisting at Serennu reception, where they were happy to support in any way they could, but also willingly supported events such as Sparkle fun days, parties and all sorts of charity events. Both Gill and Graham have received many awards in recognition of their dedication to charity work, and they have even been acknowledged by Buckingham Palace, and have met the Royal Family.

They have always shown commitment and tremendous loyalty to their role here at Serennu, and this is to be commended. Gill and Graham have fantastic stories to share about their time spent here and hopefully they have some great memories as well. The Trustees, Management, Staff and all families who attend Serennu Children’s Centre, would like to say a massive THANK YOU for all the support and friendship they have shown over the years, and we sincerely wish their retirement to be filled with the happiness they deserve