Welcome to Sparkle New Research and Development Officer

Hi everyone,

I’m Fiona Elliott, Sparkle’s Research and Development Officer. Since I started with Sparkle in March 2019, I have been working on different research and evaluation projects. One of my projects has been evaluating the impact of Serennu Children’s Centre, its facilities, environment and activities, on children and families. I have also been evaluating Sparkle’s recent residential trip to Calvert Trust in Exmoor. For this evaluation I held focus groups with the young people to hear about their experiences of the trips, and I collected feedback from parents and staff via questionnaires. Another area I am working on is researching the current services available for supporting young people with additional needs transitioning into adulthood.
Moving forward I will be looking at measuring the impact of Sparkle’s clubs on children’s quality of life and carrying out more in-depth evaluations of services including the Family Liaison Service, as well as individual clubs and activities.
I am looking forward to meeting more children and families attending Serennu Children’s Centre. If you have any questions about research and development at Sparkle, or would just like to say hello, please feel free to email:
Fiona.elliott@wales.nhs.uk or call 01633 748024.