Well Done Richard

At age 8, Richard Charles was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, but also struggles with Anxiety and Depression. Richard has been attending Serennu Children’s Centre since 2011 and until he recently turned 18, was a regular member of the Thursday night Youth Club and a member of the Children & Young People’s forum. Richard has achieved a lot over the past few years, successfully passing his GCSE’s, and more recently completing his A-Levels  gaining 1 A and 2 B’s. Richard also became involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme. He started whilst in school working towards a Bronze award and even though this proved difficult due to various issues, he passed and decided to move to an Open Award programme to complete both Silver and Gold Award. Richard had to commit to a great deal of additional work including trekking through the wilderness of the Gower and Brecon Beacons and canoeing along the Lochs of Scotland including Loch Ness where he assures us there was no sign of Nessie. The Duke of Edinburgh award also includes working on a specific project and committing to a number of hours of volunteering work. Richard engaged in various volunteering tasks including helping students in the school library, working in a local charity shop and also assisting at Serennu working in the Youth Club helping to support children and young people, just as he himself had been supported previously. On completing the Gold Award, Richard was lucky enough to be invited to Buckingham Palace where he got to meet Price Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Richard is about to begin studying at the University of South Wales, where he will live in halls and start working towards being more independent. Whilst he is a little worried, he is also looking forward to this next big stage in his life. Richard believes that without the support he received from Sparkle and Serennu, and also the additional opportunities he accessed during this time which helped to increase his confidence, things could have been very different. Serennu has been a constant in his life and offered him an escape at times when things were challenging. Everybody at Serennu Children’s centre would like to say a big well done and congratulations to Richard on his achievement, we look forward to seeing the award when you are next at Serennu Centre.