Family Liaison...

The Family Liaison Officer role is:
 To act as a first point of contact for all families and help with enquiries about the services and leisure activities that children and young people can access both at    Serennu and within the local area
 To guide and support families to navigate the ‘system’, signpost to the correct professionals and help to co-ordinate appointments
 To offer support with form filling, such as for Disability Living Allowance
 To ensure that all families are provided with access to appropriate services at Serennu and to obtain feedback to inform service development.
Serennu Children's Centre... 
Jayne Jones and Melissa Pockett are Sparkle’s Family Liaison Officers based in the Family Information Area at Serennu.  They are extremely passionate about promoting the services that Sparkle offer because they can relate to the difference and the positive impact that this magnificent building and wonderful staff make to individuals and families.
They also support the parent support groups that run regularly at Serennu and run information events twice a year where families can seek information from health, education, sport and voluntary sectors. They will also organise drop-in sessions, where families can meet charities such as SNAP face to face.

Sparkle also produce a regular monthly newsletter which highlight current developments at Serennu. You can email Jayne or Melissa to sign up to the newsletter.
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If you have a child or young person who has a disability or developmental difficulty and live in Newport, South Torfaen or South Monmouthshire then you can contact Family Liaison easily:
 Drop in to see Jayne or Melissa when you’re next at Serennu for an appointment
 Telephone on 01633 748 013, or
They are based in the Family Information Area to the right of the reception desk at the Serennu Centre.

what they say about family liaison...

"I have found Jayne is not only a wealth of information but is also prepared to help me out with sourcing information and chasing things up for me. It’s lovely to take Imogen to participate in an activity and while we are busy Jayne will take on a task on my behalf and have the answers and information ready for me before I leave the centre”
Catherine, Imogen’s Mum
"Jayne has been a great help with all the forms. I call and ask her a question and she finds out the answer and always gets back to me. She helps me chase appointments and things, relieving me from always being the one needing to do the chasing. Its lush!”
Sally, Ioan’s Mum