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Parents for Change currently supports the parents and carers of disabled teenagers and young adults. When Parents for Change first began, about 9 years ago, our children were in infants’ school and now they’re in their teens! We tackled and highlighted many issues along the way in the areas of education, services and health and looking back we achieved what we set out to do. We wanted to tell parents that because we have disabled children we didn’t have to live a life of isolation or accept provisions or services that were not meeting our children’s needs.

All these years on, services have changed and there is more consultation with parents and an understanding of parental need and this must continue and grow. It is also very important that parents and carers meet other parents and carers, and the friendships we have formed are still as strong today as they were many years ago because we have common problems and shared worries and concerns. A good start is a well-informed parent and that’s what we felt was absolutely necessary and this information is now available or can be found through various sources at Serennu.

We now feel it’s time to address the many issues surrounding teens and young adults as this is where we are now, and hopefully we can pave the way for our youngsters and help them achieve their potential. We want to provide accurate advice and address the issues surrounding teenagers and young adults.

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"Developing ways to include families in the process of influencing change in Childrens Disability Services in Newport.”