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Dad’s group this month hosted Guest Speaker Mark Williams who, through personal experience, spoke about his own mental health story following the birth of his son. Mark is an advocate for father’s mental health. From South Wales himself, Mark now presents across the UK, raising awareness of fathers mental health and works alongside professors and clinicians to publish articles in academic journals and reports. Mark was passionate about the support that groups like Dad’s group here at Serennu can help provide for fathers and wants to see more of them. We also welcomed Zara Morrice from the charity ‘Mind’ who kindly awarded Dad’s group £250 which has gone towards developing a library system for fathers of children with a disability and/or developmental delay and has provided dad’s group with funding to provide bacon butties at Dad’s Group over the next 6 months!

Thank you to both Zara and Mark! It was an absolute pleasure to have you both at our session. If you are interested in knowing more about Dad’s group, please contact Molly Batchelor on 01633 748023 or