Grant Facilitates New Art Room for Children with Additional Needs

A new art room will open in September at Serennu Children’s Centre to support children with additional needs thanks to a grant from The Blackwood Engineering Trust.

This funding furnished the new room to provide art therapy at Serennu Children’s Centre in Rogerstone. It offers children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties the opportunity for self-expression as well as helping them to communicate if they find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally.

The space will also be used by the Local Health Board’s Community Health Play Specialist Service which is aimed at Children and Young People (CYP) with procedural anxiety. Providing face-to-face input around preparation and post procedural support on a one to one basis. The service uses play, among other therapeutic techniques, to aid understanding and to help cope with medical procedures for children and young people.

Additionally, the grant from The Blackwood Engineering Trust will also fund holiday play clubs for children and young people who access Sparkle at Caerphilly Children’s Centre. These clubs will be offered to those currently on the waiting list in the first instance, offering them the opportunity to experience play, social interaction and develop multiple skills, tackling the risk of social isolation and lack of routine for children during the school holidays.


Sparkle Leisure Team Leader Sara Filer says:

“We are extremely lucky to be supported by The Blackwood Engineering Trust. The new art room facility at Serennu Children’s Centre will enable children and young people to express themselves creatively. We have been able to purchase essential furniture that meets the needs of our children and young people, a variety of resources and arts and crafts materials, including innovative technology, to support and engage as many children and young people as possible.

The funding will also enable our holiday play clubs in Caerphilly Children’s Centre which will help us to support children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties that may not be able to access mainstream leisure activities. For Sparkle families’ provisions like these are invaluable and on behalf of the children and young people and their families, thank you!”