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Serennu Children’s Centre has a group of young people, who meet monthly for the Sparkle youth forum. The forum is an opportunity for young people to chat about different topics and give thoughts and comments about things they enjoy or would like to see happen at Serennu, whilst having their views heard, and shared with appropriate services. During the September meeting, a young person said how much he had enjoyed the residential stay and how great it was to meet other young people from the different Sparkle clubs. He suggested that it would be good if all the young people from the different groups, could have an opportunity for them all to come together socially. Following on from that suggestion, our Sparkle Leisure Team have now arranged a Teen Zone Halloween special to take place on Monday 28th October at Serennu Centre, and this event is available to all young people aged 12 and above who are currently accessing Sparkle leisure activities. If you are aged 12 or above, access Sparkle activities and would like to join us for this event, please contact the Sparkle office on 01633 748093, to book your place