Rebound Centre


We are extremely excited with the progress that has been made with the Rebound Centre since construction started in January!

The Rebound Centre will be an important addition to occupational therapy, with a trampoline providing therapeutic exercise, activities and also recreation for our children and young people.

If you have been following our journey on social media, you will have noticed the incredible transformation from a patch of grass and concrete into a state-of-the-art build.

Jon Pearson-Wood, Occupational Therapist at Serennu Children’s Centre, made the following statement:

''Rebound therapy is a tool that OTs can use to help children improve body awareness, develop balance and coordination skills, whilst influencing muscle tone and posture. These are important skills that we use to complete every day activities such as dressing, school work or playing. Most importantly it is a fun, motivating occupation that both children and therapists enjoy.”