Sparkle’s first Play Club session for children with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties living in Caerphilly took place on Saturday 5th March at Caerphilly Children’s Centre. Six children, aged 5-11, attended and enjoyed colouring, sensory activities, the accessible playground at Caerphilly Children’s Centre and playing with Lego, trains and construction toys. 

The children who attended the first week are already looking forward to the next session: 

“I can’t wait to come again.”

“I haven’t just had fun, I have loved it. I am sad to go home and really want to stay longer.” 

Family members were full of praise following the session on Saturday:  

“Deacon came out full of smiles and said he didn’t want to leave! He absolutely loved it, it’s so nice for him to meet with other children who also have disabilities. This service is absolutely amazing, for my son to feel included as his mobility is poor and he’s usually the odd one out, and is excluded from many activities. Thank you so much to you all at Sparkle for your support.” – Danielle Cleverly, mum of Deacon, age 6.  

“The Saturday club service is really invaluable to us parents and also for the children as it gives them a chance to mix with a wider range of people and partake in activities they might otherwise not have the opportunity to do because of their additional needs. James has a limited social circle and I am pleased he is able to expand this.” – Elizabeth Owers, mum of James, age 7. 

If you would like to find out more about Sparkle’s Play Club in Caerphilly, and how to access the provision, please visit