A unique and diverse selection of clubs and activities

To access activities, all children/young people will need to submit a referral form to the activities team.

When the referral form has been received, a Sparkle member of staff will contact the family to invite them into the centre to complete a personal profile and discuss which activities would best meet the child / young person’s needs. For our admissions policy click here.  You can contact the activities team on 01633 748093 or email abb_sparkleactivities@wales.nhs.uk.


Afterschool Club ★

Mon: Age 5-11 Years | 4:15-5:45pm
Tues: Age 12-15 Years | 4pm-6pm

A fun opportunity for children and young people with a disability or developmental difficulty to get together and take part in a variety of new activities.

The club offers activities in a stimulating environment which encourages learning and development in a fun and exciting way.

★ Make new friends

★ Learn new skills

★ Be creative

Sparkling Sibs ★

Tues: Age 7-11 Years | 4:30-6pm

In partnership with the Helping Hands Psychology Service Sparkle support a weekly siblings group for brothers and sisters (age 7-11 years) of children accessing Serennu services. Within the ‘Sibs Group’ children have a chance to play and talk with others in a similar situation, while being supervised by staff who are very experienced in helping children cope with the difficulties this may cause them. The children choose the fun activities they would like to do, while we add in emotional support or psychological education for them. This ensures the children attending have a space to process their thoughts/feelings about living with a sibling who has a disability or developmental condition.

Independent Living Skills ★

Weds: Age 14-17 Years | 5:30-7:30pm

Supports young people with a disability and/or developmental difficulty with their transition into adulthood. The club provides opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

★ Confidence and self-esteem

★ Decision making

★ Money managing and basic budgeting


Skills ★

Weds: Age 6-17 Years | 5:30-6:30pm

The skills session offers a chance for children and young people to try new sports and physical activities developing basic skills, including:

★ Agility

★ Balance

★ Co-ordination

The skills session is underpinned by Sports Wales Multi Skills and Sport Initiative aimed at developing skills for life, through fun and games.

Little Stars ★

Thurs: Age 0-4 Years | 10:30-12pm

This is a fun and friendly stay and play session for younger children and their parent/carers, which offers a programme of exciting and engaging activities. The session provides the opportunity for children and parents/carers to:

★ Socialise

★ Develop play skills

★ Gain new experiences


Minecraft And Lego Club ★

Thurs: Age 8-17 Years | 5:30-6:30pm

This group supports young people with their self-esteem, confidence, and social skills by engaging in a fun activity with shared interests.

★ Imaginative play

★ Social interaction

★ Problem solving

Youth Club ★

Mon: Age 12-17 Years | 5:30-7:30pm
Thurs: Age 12-17 Years | 5:30-7:30pm

Youth club provides young people with the opportunity to have fun and socialise with others in a safe environment. Young people will be supported to develop new skills including:

★ Friendships

★ Confidence and self esteem

★ Independence

Play Club ★

Fri: Age 5-11 Years | 5:30-7pm
Sat: Age 5-11 Years | 1-2pm and 2-3pm

Our fun-tastic play club encourages children to be independent and have fun whilst experiencing a variety of play activities. The club will encourage and support children to develop new skills, such as:

★ Sharing

★ Friendships

★ Confidence


Continuing Care Club ★

Sat: Age 5-11 Years | 1-3pm
Sat: Age 12-17 Years | 11am-3pm

Continuing Care Club takes place fortnightly (on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month) and is a play club for children and young people with complex health care needs. The children and young people have the opportunity to engage in play activities which will encourage the following skills:

★ Socialisation

★ New experiences

★ Sensory play skills



Swimming Lessons ★

Thurs: Age 5-17 Years | 4:30-6:30pm
Fri: Age 5-17 Years | 4:30-6:30pm
Sat: Age 5-17 Years |10am-12pm

Swimming lessons offer an opportunity for children and young people with a disability or developmental difficulty to learn to swim.

We deliver two nationally recognised swimming programmes - the ‘Rockhopper’ and ‘ASA Learn to swim pathway’.

★ Water Confidence

★ Swim skills

★ Water Safety


Family Swim ★

Sat: 12-12:30pm
Sat: 12:30-1pm

Family swim offers an opportunity for children and young people to spend quality time with their family in the water. Session 1 has a fun and lively atmosphere and Session 2 has a more relaxed atmosphere.

Medicinema ★

Tues: 6:30pm
Sat: 10:30am

Booking required

Come and watch a 2D or 3D film as a family! The cinema has 50+ seats and has been specifically designed to comfortably accommodate children and young people who have a disability and/or developmental difficulty as well as their families.


Sensory Room ★

Sparkle offers families the opportunity to book a bespoke session which lasts 45 minutes in a fully equipped sensory room, allowing for lots of stimulating fun and play.

Each session is supported by a Sparkle Play Worker, however children remain the responsibility of the parents/carers

Play dates are allowed so why not book with a friend and share the cost of the session!

Sessions need to be booked in advance so please get in touch to check availability by contacting the activities team on 01633 748093 or email abb_sparkleactivities@wales.nhs.uk