What is ISCAN?

The Integrated Service for Children with Additional Needs (ISCAN) is a single point of access for referrals. Each referral is discussed at a multi-disciplinary panel which include representatives from Health, Education and Social Care. At this meeting a decision is agreed as to the most appropriate service/support for that child/young person at that time. Following the decision at the meeting, an outcome letter will be sent to the referrer and parent/carer to explain the next steps.

What is ISCAN Care Co-ordination?

The Care Co-ordination team typically pick up families who fall into the following categories:

• Introduction to services
• Multiagency co-ordination
• Support with managing the intensity of appointments
• Transition between services (i.e. hospital to home)
• Transition into the area
• Breakdown in communication with services

If you would like to contact ISCAN at Serennu Children’s Centre please e-mail ISCANSectorsouth.abb@wales.nhs.uk or telephone 01633 748003

I don’t feel my child’s school is supporting him, who can help?

The organisation SNAP Cymru, will provide impartial information, advice and support on school related concerns. www.snapcymru.org

This may include Statements of Educational Needs, IEP’s, transition and appeals.

Helpline number 0808 801 0608

Snap hold a drop in session at Serennu Children’s Centre on the first Monday each month between 10am-12pm. This gives an opportunity for parents/carers to have a face to face conversation with a local representative from SNAP.

How can I keep up to date with things happening at Serennu Centre?

If you would like to be kept up to date with activities, events, forums and support groups being held at Serennu and in the local area, please email or call: family.liaison.ABB@wales.nhs.uk or 01633 748013 and your contact details will be included on the mailing list.

Who can help me with a DLA application?

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau are available to help complete DLA applications. To make an appointment you can contact them on 0344 477 2020 and just quote the borough where you live. They will arrange an appointment for you to see them at a convenient office for you.

There is also the Disability Advice Project (DAP) www.dap-wales.org.uk who will help with applications. They are based in Cwmbran but are available for all families to access, regardless of where you live. To request a meeting with DAP please contact 01633 485865.

Family Liaison Officers at Sparkle are also happy to help with applications. For further information or to request assistance please contact them on family.liaison.ABB@wales.nhs.uk or 01633 748013.

Do you have any information regarding anxiety in young people?

Below are links to various support documents that you may find of interest. You may have heard, or have tried, everything they show, but there may be a little nugget that you could get from them. Please don’t forget if you have concerns for your child/young person regarding anxiety, always speak to their school or your G.P.



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