Corporate support

There are many different forms of corporate partnerships, which can include:

★ Staff fundraising
★ Charity of the year
★ Supplier fundraising and fundraising from other stakeholders
★ Licensing - i.e. use of charity name and/or logo in conjunction with the sale of goods/services
★ Cause-related marketing – i.e. a commercial activity by which businesses and charities or causes form a partnership with each other to market an image, product or service for mutual benefit
★ Sponsorship - i.e. cash or in kind fee paid in return for access to exploitable commercial potential
★ Payroll giving
★ Donations/matched giving
★ Secondments
★ Employee involvement and volunteering
★ Gifts in kind
★ Royalties
★ Affinity relationships
★ Product endorsement
★ Events

If you would like to discuss how your business can work with and support Sparkle, please contact us on 

Frontier Medical Group
Harding Evans Solicitors