Enter our virtual duck race for a chance to win an ice cream feast at Octopus Lounge Dessert Parlour, Newport!

So, how does it work?

The virtual race will run along the Ebbw River for 22 miles, from Blaina (where many of our new leisure clubs for North Gwent are run) to Newport (where Serennu Children’s Centre is located), passing through Caerphilly County Borough along the way (where we recently became a charity partner of the Children’s Centre). The race will start on Monday 10th May and finish on Friday 14th May.

Simply go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/virtual-duck-race-tickets-152399686565, adopt your duck and donate to Sparkle (we suggest £5) by Monday 10th May. Make sure you include a great name for your duck!

We will post on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sparkleappealofficial) when the race starts, and post daily updates with how far each duck has travelled. The number of miles each duck travels a day will be determined by a random number generator. 

The first duck to finish the race (or accumulate 22 miles from the random number generator) wins! We will then contact the owners of the winning duck to arrange their prize. If more than one duck accumulates 22 miles on the last day, the duck with the highest number will win. The winners will receive a family voucher for two large sundaes and two small sundaes from Octopus Lounge Dessert Parlour in Newport, and two runners up will receive a pair of i27 wireless earphones.

But that’s not all, we want to see your dazzling ducks! Download our duck template, get creative, and share your duck designs with us on social media using #SparkleDuckRace and #DazzlingDucks

Will your duck be the quickest quacker in Gwent?