We are constantly researching and evaluating our services

As Sparkle is a unique centre in the UK, and possibly worldwide, it is very important that we research and evaluate what we do here, and how effective it is. We are aware that there are many different challenges facing children with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties and their families. We intend to gain deeper understandings of any issues and explore what are the most effective ways to help children, young people and their families. We are also keen to ensure that the staff supporting families fully understand the issues they face, and are equipped to help families. Finally, many of the organisations who provide grants to us for our work, wish to receive detailed evaluations of that work, and it’s impact. All of the information we collect is anonymised, and no person involved is identifiable in any reports produced.

We are enormously grateful to all of our families and staff for helping us with our vital research and evaluation.


Care Co-ordination

The “Care Coordination Report” proposes a new model for supporting families with high levels of need, who see multiple professionals for their child or young person. A ‘Care Co-ordination Service’ is being implemented across Gwent following the recommendations contained within this report.



The “Helping Families to Take the Next Step” report evidences the need for providing parents, children and siblings with leisure, social and psychological support.



An article by a former Sparkle clinical psychologist, Emma Johnston, describing the development of a psychology service delivery model for families, within a disability context.


Centre review

The “Three Centre Review” evaluates the three children’s centres in Gwent and gives recommendations for future equitable services across Gwent, based on its findings



An academic report, written by a former MSc Physiotherapy student, exploring the concept of co-location within services for children with complex disabilities.



Serennu Children's Centre Evaluation Report


The Centre Evaluation Report evidences the impact of Serennu Children’s Centre, its facilities, ethos and activities on children and young people with disabilities or learning difficulties and their families. This research and evaluation work captures the views of children families and professionals at the Centre. 





Defining the Optimal Model for Transition from Child to Adult Provision


This report proposes a new evidence-based model of transition across Gwent for young people aged 14-24 years moving from child to adult services. This model was developed through close consultation with young people, their families and professionals in a large-scale research project.




The Residential Evaluation Report

The Residential Evaluation Report captures young people’s experiences and feelings about Sparkle’s 2019 Residential Trips to Calvert Trust, an outward bound activity centre in Exmoor.  



The Sparkle Concerns Report

The Sparkle Concerns Report is a document outlining feedback received from families.