How you can help a child sparkle

The guiding principle for Sparkle is to ensure that children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties, and their families, are fully supported and able to participate in valued childhood experiences, with access to the same range of opportunities, life experiences, activities, and leisure services as any other child and their family. 

Your support and generosity allow us to continue helping the hundreds of children and families that use Serennu, Nevill Hall, and Caerphilly Children’s Centres every week. Life isn’t always easy for some of these children or their families, but Sparkle helps by making sure they get the support and care they need. We need to raise more than £600,000 every year to fund the vital services that help these special children. This is only possible thanks to the generosity and donations of the general public, which is why we need your help. Sparkle is completely dependent on donations and grants.

Please support us with a donation. You'll be a star that helps special children shine.


Click here to hear Sparkle founder, Dr Sabine Maguire MBE, discussing Sparkle with Dr Millicent Stone on Live Longer: The Podcast. 



Some of the amazing things we are able to offer:

★ Provide access to psychological support for parents and siblings, family liaison support and leisure facilities.
★ Activities including swimming lessons, cookery lessons and clubs for young children, teenagers and siblings.
★ Access to parent support groups including a dads group and young people’s forum.
★ Family activities including swimming, fun days and film screenings at the Serennu Children’s Centre’s very own 3D MediCinema.

"A stimulating environment for him to play"

My adoptive son has been going to Little Stars at the Serennu Centre once a week, since he was 11 months old. In that time we have a seen a massive change in his confidence and social interaction. Little Stars provide a stimulating environment for him to play, give me a chance to chat with other parents and the support provided by Sparkle is fantastic. Now almost two years later and he gets super excited each week when he knows he is going and has started doing his own hand signs for Little Stars! He looks forward to seeing the friends that he has made, playing with all the toys and sensory items and bossing his favourite Sparkle worker around to play with him!