We are constantly researching and evaluating our services and researching issues that are important to the children and young people we support, and their families.

We are aware that there are many different challenges facing children with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties and their families.

Our research and evaluation work ensures our services are effective, and are often a requirement of our grant funding; funders wish to see detailed evaluations of our unique services and how they are benefiting children and families. Many of our services and how they are delivered are groundbreaking, and other health and social care providers across the UK are keen to learn more about them.

If you would like to participate in our evaluations or support our research activities, please contact our Research and Development Officer on 01633 748024 or by emailing research@sparkleappeal.org




Family Liaison Service Evaluation 2022

A mixed-method evaluation of the ongoing and immediate support offered by the Family Liaison Service, conducted in 2022.

Family Feedback Report 2022

This report outlines findings from Sparkle's 2022 feedback activity and questionnaire. 

Residential Trips Evaluation 2022

An evaluation of Sparkle's 2022 3-nght and 1-night residential outward-bounds trips.

Family Feedback Report 2021

This report outlines findings from Sparkle's 2021 feedback activity and questionnaire. 

Caerphilly Consultation

The views of young people, families and professionals on specialist provisions for children with disabilities in Caerphilly County Borough.

ISCAN Evaluation

An in-depth evaluation of the Integrated Service for Children with Additional Needs, a single point of access referral pathway.

Torfaen Report

The Torfaen Report is a formal evaluation of a short-term project supporting families with young children with developmental concerns.

Family Feedback 2020

This report outlines the findings from Sparkle’s 2020 evaluation survey.

The Sparkle Concerns Report

The Sparkle Concerns Report is a document outlining feedback received from families.

The Residential Evaluation Report

The Residential Evaluation Report captures young people’s experiences and feelings about Sparkle’s 2019 Residential Trips to Calvert Trust, an outward bound activity centre in Exmoor.

Evaluation Report

The Centre Evaluation Report evidences the impact of Serennu Children’s Centre, its facilities, ethos and activities on children and young people.

Transition from Child to Adult Provision

This report proposes a new evidence-based model of transition across Gwent for young people aged 14-24 years moving from child to adult services.

Care Co-ordination

The “Care Coordination Report” proposes a new model for supporting families with high levels of need, who see multiple professionals for their child or young person.


An article by a former Sparkle clinical psychologist, Emma Johnston, describing the development of a psychology service delivery model for families, within a disability context.


The “Helping Families to Take the Next Step” report evidences the need for providing parents, children and siblings with leisure, social and psychological support.

Centre Review

The “Three Centre Review” evaluates the three children’s centres in Gwent and gives recommendations for future equitable services across Gwent, based on its findings.


An academic report, written by a former MSc Physiotherapy student, exploring the concept of co-location within services for children with complex disabilities.

Research in North Gwent

The views of parents and professionals on specialist provisions for children with disabilities and their families in North Gwent.

North Gwent Feasibility Report Phase 1

North Gwent Children’s Centre and Transition Hub feasibility report phase 1.

Proposed Plans North Gwent

Proposed plans for an Integrated Children’s Centre with Transition Hub in North Gwent.

North Gwent Feasibility Report Phase 2

North Gwent Children’s Centre and Transition Hub feasibility report phase 2.