Serennu Children’s Centre

Managed by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and supported by Sparkle, this state-of-the-art building provides assessment, treatment, care, information, support and leisure services for children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties, all under one roof. This provides a more child-centred and coordinated service for families.

The Centre’s guiding principle is to ensure that children with a disability or developmental difficulty and their families are fully supported to participate in valued childhood experiences and have access to the same range of opportunities, experiences, services and facilities as other children.

It does this by not only providing treatment for the child, but also family-centred services to accommodate the needs of parents and siblings too, as well as onsite leisure & social facilities in a safe, supportive environment.





The Serennu Children's Centre continues to support countless numbers of children and their families. The following services are located within the children's centre.

★ A fantastic range of activities including swimming lessons

★ Regular clubs for all ages including Youth Club, Play Club, Stay & Play Club, Sibling Club, After School Club and Minecraft Club

★ Family activities including family swim sessions, family fun days and opportunities to view a film as a family at our fully-accessible on-site MediCinema

★ Access to psychology services for parents and children, family liaison support and access to parent support groups, run by parents for parents, including the Serennu Parents’ Group T21 Down syndrome group, Dads group and Newport Autism Support Group

★ Well equipped Sensory room svailable for families to hire for sessions and parties

★ A fully accessible outside park area, sensory maze, wheelchair swing, gazebo, multi use games area and outdoor playhouse. Our specially designed disabled playground is open 24/7 for use inside and outside of centre hours.

★ Specialist and play equipment identified by therapists

★ ICT and conference facility equipment


In addition, the following services and facilities are available:

★ Multiple consulting rooms for paediatricians to run clinics.

★ Purpose built hydrotherapy pool with hoists.

★ A specialist physiotherapy gym.

★ Large treatment rooms for therapy & leisure activities.

★ Specialist sensory, technology & audiology & speech/launguage facilities.

★ Family and sibling facilities.

★ Plastering, splinting and orthotic facilities.

★ Specialist suite for teaching supported and independent living.

★ Wheelchair training facilities.

★ MediCinema for children & young people with disabilities or developmental difficulties.

★ Leisure and play facilities including a sensory garden & games area


"This charity has without a doubt been incredible for us"

This charity has without a doubt been incredible for us as a family to be just that....a family. Ava is autistic, she has many difficulties one of which is intense meltdowns, mostly over the smallest of things. Things we don’t or will never understand.