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Your support and generosity allows us to continue helping the hundreds of children and families that use Serennu Children’s Centre, Nevill Hall Children's Centre and Caerphilly Children's Centre every week.

Hundreds of children and young people and their families rely on Sparkle for the activities and support that we provide, that is not available to them anywhere else. Life isn’t always easy for some of these children or their families, but Sparkle helps by making sure they get the support and care they need. We have to raise more than £600,000 every year to fund the vital services that help these special children. This is only possible thanks to the generosity and donations of the general public, which is why we need your help. Please, be a star & help a child sparkle.

You can connect with us on Facebook @sparkleappeal, Instagram @sparkleappealofficial and Twitter @thesparkleappeal 

If you would like to speak to a member of our fundraising team, please contact us on 01633 748041 or email us on

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