Parent Representative

We would like to introduce you to Joanna. Joanna is a parent accessing services and facilities at Serennu Children's Centre and has kindly agreed to be a parent representative, collating families' views to take to the Management Board. 

Across our three local Children's Centres, we believe a priority should be that parents/carers and young people are represented at every level of decision making, and their opinions actively influence decisions that are made. We are keen to hear about the experience and challenges families face when using our Children's Centres, and about the services available to access. You may have thoughts about many different things, including car parking facilities, waiting lists, helpful/unhelpful staff... the range is endless. 

You can contact Joanna to share your views or discuss any issues or challenges you are facing on 




Hi, my name is Joanna Hibbins and I’m really excited to be able to introduce myself as the new parent representative for Sparkle and the three children’s centres which are Serennu, Nevill Hall and Caerphilly. I am a wife and Mum of two boys working as a photographer and also part time for a charity supporting vulnerable young people who have housing issues. My youngest son is fortunate enough to have access to the world class facilities that the centre at Serennu has to offer so when the opportunity arose to be able to assist in the services delivered at Sparkle, I didn’t take much persuading! I’m hoping that by being available to parents and guardians of the children that use the children’s centres I will be able to take forward any views and ideas that can improve the services offered. This could range from ideas on groups to what is served in the canteen shop, every suggestion is welcome! My email address is so please feel free to get in touch with me anytime, I look forward to hearing from you.