A big welcome to Jeni!

A big welcome to Jeni!

"Hi my name is Jeni. I'm so excited to become a parent representative for families that use the Children's Centres and Sparkle services which have helped me and my son so much. I look forward to helping families to have their views heard to improve services across Gwent provided by the Children's Centres and Sparkle."

Jeni would love to hear from you, and can be reached on: sparklerepwest@gmail.com

From the staff and families accessing Serennu Children's Centre, Nevill Hall Children's Centre and Caerphilly Children's Centre, hello Jeni and welcome! Thank you for volunteering to work alongside Joanna and Nicol, our other 2 parent representatives, supporting our important services for families.

Joanna: Sparkleparentrepjo@gmail.com

Nicol: Sparkleparentrepnic@gmail.com