Families of disabled children come together for an evening of spooky fun at Newport Children’s Centre

Families of disabled children come together for multiple Sparkle Halloween events

Disabled children and young people took part in Halloween festivities by dressing up and attending a completely sold-out event at the Serennu Children’s Centre in Newport, and two spooky soft play events in Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent.

With the arrival of Halloween half-term, parents search for activities to enjoy as a family. In many cases, finding inclusive events for children and young people with complex needs can be a challenge, especially when they require specific care and attention. Sparkle organised an entirely accessible spooky evening of disco and games for disabled children, young people, and their families on October 30th.

Children who found loud noises and flashing lights distressing were offered quieter alternatives to the disco room such as a silent disco. sensory room, and colouring area.

In addition to this, Sparkle organised two exclusive soft play sessions for disabled children on October 29th and November 5th.

The Serennu Halloween Disco and other Sparkle-run events are crucial for children and young people with profound needs. These events offer them the opportunity to engage in activities, make friends, and develop social skills while having fun in a social environment. We often offer soft-play sessions to our families at our events due to the numerous cognitive and social benefits that are provided in a safe and controlled environment.

In this setting, children with developmental difficulties are encouraged to develop skills that transfer easily to day-to-day activities, making them more confident than ever before about their physical capabilities.

At all events, we had volunteers from the KLA Foundation who supported by

  • Preparing and handing out goody bags
  • Helping with venue decoration
  • Running the Tuck shop
  • Guiding children/families in the buildings so they enjoy everything on offer
  • Keeping the disco going!
  • Setting down after the event

We were thrilled that our events were enjoyed by children, young people, and families. Unforgettable memories were created for every family in attendance.

One parent said:
“My oldest son has ASD so it’s quite hard taking him other places. Having somewhere I can take him where his siblings can come along and we can all enjoy ourselves as a family during half term is so amazing. Being able to watch them dance together and mingle with other children – it’s just beautiful.”

Leisure Team Leader Sara Filer said:
“It is so important to be able to offer opportunities for our families to come together in a familiar and safe environment. It was a pleasure for the Sparkle team to spend time with our children/young people and see their families having fun!”

A huge thank you to everyone involved who made all events such a sucess, and to all families who attended!