HSBC Team Volunteer for Sparkle

We recently enjoyed having a team of volunteers recently from HSBC who visited Serennu Children's Centre in early August.

The team helped by trimming back overgrown plants, clearing the paths and sprucing up our Woodland Walk after all of the wet weather we've been having recently to ensure that our grounds look their best in readiness for our upcoming Serennu Summer Fete.

Rory Sullivan, a member of the HSBC team who was volunteering with us said:

"We recently visited the centre and had a tour...we were totally wowed by it. It's great to get involved in more ways than one and we are looking forward to doing more fundraising together in the future. It's great having a good local community base to support."

A big thank you to Rory, Annette, Jess, Gareth, Alex, Lisa and Felix for all of your help!