Newport's new Mayor Cllr Ray Mogford is making 'special children shine' the theme of his year in office 


Global Newport's new Mayor Cllr Ray Mogford is making 'special children shine' the theme of his year in office. 

Following the inauguration last month, the newly elected Mayor Ray Mogford announced that Sparkle will be one of his chosen charities of the year. 

Mayor Ray Mogford said: 

"I have chosen Sparkle as one of the Mayoral charities for my term in office after I was first introduced to the great work that Sparkle carries out by my colleague and now Deputy Mayor, Cllr Chris Reeks, himself a long-time supporter of Sparkle."

In order to provide our essential services to the children who visit our three centres each week, we must raise over £750,000 every year to fund vital services. 

We are solely reliant on donations, fundraising, and grants to provide its support as contrary to popular belief, none of our services are provided through healthcare.

Mayor Ray Mogford was recently given a tour of the facilities at Serennu Children's Centre and has planned to work throughout the coming year to raise money for Sparkle.

Mayor Ray Mogford said: 

"Recently in advance of becoming Mayor, that decision was totally validated when I visited the Serennu Centre in Rogerstone and was absolutely amazed at the state-of-the-art facilities as well as the dedication of the staff and volunteers who showed us around. 

My wife Sallie and I are proud to be engaging with Sparkle in their efforts to support children with a range of difficulties, and their families.

We are already planning some great fundraising events; too early to go into too much detail but watch this space."

The event was attended by Sparkle chairwoman Janet Kelly with a parent of a young person who accesses Sparkle, Nicol Rogers.

Janet Kelly said:

"We are thrilled that the new Mayor of Newport, Mr Ray Mogford, has chosen Sparkle as one of his charities of the year.

Mr Mogford visited Serennu children's centre recently to see the work that Sparkle does there. It was wonderful to see how interested he was in the enhanced leisure and club activities available to the children and young people that access our services.

The conversation centred on how having a disability can be a barrier to many children and young people accessing leisure services in their own communities, and the value of charities like Sparkle.

The support that Sparkle will get over the coming 12 months, having the backing of the new mayor of Newport, will be immense and we are grateful to Mr Mogford for his interest and commitment."

If you would like to get involved in fundraising for Sparkle, please get in touch via