"We simply could not choose anyone else" - Belle Vue tea rooms select their charity of the year





After a successful year-long partnership, Belle Vue tea rooms continues to work with Sparkle to enhance the lives of children across Gwent.

We partnered with The Belle Vue tea rooms in Newport last year, after owners Jan and Paul chose Sparkle as their charity of the year in 2023.

Aside from its Victorian architecture and beautiful gardens, the tea rooms are well known for their award-winning monthly markets featuring food and crafts from across Wales.

Jan Walsh, of the Belle Vue tea rooms said:

"Once we heard about the charity it became clear that there was some fabulous work being done and a strong demand for even more.

We are certain that the collaboration developed between the charity and ourselves through the markets has raised as much awareness as it has funds, and having volunteers on the day available to chat to visitors and give them confidence that their donation is going directly to where it's needed supported this."

Thanks to the dedication of the Belle Vue tea rooms team, along with Sparkle volunteers attending the markets, over £1,800 was raised for our charity last year.

"The partnership works so well."

Ms Walsh explained.

"We decided to extend our collaboration into our street food nights and our other family activity days. This means that this year there will be at least 20 events to support Sparkle, rather than 9 previously."

Now more than ever, Sparkle relies on partnerships with local organisations and communities to raise funds and awareness for our unique services that so many rely on.

Sparkle Service Manager Rebecca McDonald said: 

"Over the last year Sparkle has loved working with Belle Vue, we are very pleased with the money we have been able to raise in collaboration with them.

This support is exactly what the charity needs now more than ever. We are excited to have another year to work with Belle Vue!"

The monthly Belle Vue market takes place on the first Sunday of each month. We are looking forward to the next food & craft market which will be on the 5th May.