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Working with As You See It Media, Sparkle has recently produced a series of webinars on the innovative model of care and services we have helped develop. We hope these webinars will be spread far and wide to help inform the development of similar models and support services for children with disabilities and their families across the UK.

Webinar 1 discusses the novel co-location of health, social care and charity services at Serennu Children's Centre and the pros and cons of this, with professionals from health and social care and a parent of a young person with complex needs who has experienced different models of care.

Webinar 2 details the holistic support services available for families with children with disabilities in Gwent, including the Family Liaison Service, ISCAN's Care Coordination service, and the different levels of support offered by the Children's Centre Psychology team.

During webinar 3, Sparkle's Leisure Team Leader discusses providing specialist leisure activities for children with disabilities, whilst a Sparkle young person and Parent Representative share their views and experiences.

The final webinar in the series explains why research and evaluation are such an important part of our services, with input from a researcher at Cardiff University.

Watch the webinars here: Webinars | Sparkle, helping special children shine (

Have you seen everything Sparkle and Serennu Children's Centre has to offer? Thanks to As You See It Media, we now have a fantastic video tour of Serennu Children's Centre on our website, explaining how the building was designed and showcasing the amazing facilities. Head to our homepage to watch: Sparkle, helping special children shine (